Troy Jensen‘s Be a Muse packages have helped develop corporate professionals as well as those who want to be inspired and excited by glamour and photography. We are in a visual age, why not treat yourself to a fabulous photoshoot and allow yourself to be a muse. Troy’s mantra has always been: “Beauty is a powerful tool, it builds confidence and a positive attitude. That’s the most beautiful quality a woman can possess.”

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Panteha Partovi, PA-C

Owner of Santosha Aesthetics

Monique Lhuillier

Fashion, Bridal & Home Designer

Garrett Hedlund


Kim Kardashian West

E! Reality Start/Mogul

Jodi Kimberly

Owner of The Griddle Cafe

Elle Macpherson

Founder of Wellco. SuperElixir

Rea Ann Silva

Founder of BeautyBlender

Kelly Fisher Katz

Martin Katz Jewels

Chef Robyn Labeaud

Olivia Culpo


Laura Ellis M.D.

Tracy Henry

Lana Parrilla


Lauren Ing

Founder of SMD Cosmetics

Lela Goren

The Goren Group NYC

Cindy Cowan

TV/Film Producer

Christina Zilber

Owner of Jouer Cosmetics

Glady’s Tamez

Glady’s Tamez Millinery

Kim Kardashian West

E! Reality Star/Mogul



Candice Miele

Skincare Specialist SkinDeep Beverly Hills

Leslie Miranda


Jamie Krell

Beauty & Fashion Influencer