Troy Jensen‘s Be a Muse packages have helped develop corporate professionals as well as those who want to be inspired and excited by glamour and photography. We are in a visual age, why not treat yourself to a fabulous photoshoot and allow yourself to be a muse. Troy’s mantra has always been: “Beauty is a powerful tool, it builds confidence and a positive attitude. That’s the most beautiful quality a woman can possess.”

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Courtney Sixx

Susan Yara

Youtube Host of Mixed Makeup

Claudia Cantu

Yoga Instructor

Allison Melnick

PR/Events Director at Adon Mag

Martin & Kelly Katz

Martin Katz Jewels

Elle Macpherson

Founder of Wellco. SuperElixir

Christina Zilber

Founder of Jouer Cosmetics

Monique Lhuillier

Fashion, Bridal & Home Designer

Diana Madison

Entertainment Reporter

Meg Young

PR at Katesomerville Skincare

Jessica Rogan

Jamie Krell

Beauty & Fashion Influencer

Dr. Anna Guanche

Dermatologist at Bella Skin Institute

Crystal Egger

NBCLA Meteorologist

Candice Miele

Skincare Specialist SkinDeep Beverly Hills

Giuliana Rancic

E! News Reporter/Entrepreneur

Dr. Anna Guanche

Dermatologist at Bella Skin Institute

Danielle Brisebois

Singer/Song Writer