Say goodbye to all those unwanted imperfections. From adjusting the lighting, perfecting your skin or even removing a few extra pounds off problem areas, Troy’s skilled team of retouchers can do it all. Supermodels and celebrities are regularly retouched in photographs and we provide exactly the same service to give you that perfect look. To get the benefit of Troy’s beauty aesthetic. He advises each client to make image selections based on their expression and composition because everything else can be fixed with retouching.

Something to keep in mind. Professional digital retouching labs charge $200.00 and up per hour and it takes about 2-3 hours to complete each image. That can add up.

Our professional retouchers work on some of the industries biggest celebrity, beauty and fashion campaigns. Troy has worked out a special rate just for his clients. It’s a flat rate of 150.00 per image with one revision. If accurate notes are provided with your retouching order. Revisions are minimal or not even needed. Troy wants you to be completely satisfied so he over sees each clients shoot from start to finish ensuring the best quality for every muse he photographs.

Your retouching order: Once you have made your selections. Simply email us the image numbers and submit your payment and someone from Troy’s team will confirm your retouching order. The order will state any special instructions you may have. Troy will also over see your order and add his instructions as well. Before any retouching begins your selects will be confirmed that the numbers you have sent match with our files so the right images are being retouched. If you can send a screen capture of the image with the number. This process will move your order along quicker.

Email address for clients: